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There I'd BeOne Thousand Words
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Old Warren Johnson enjoys his solitude and secrets. When a reporter shows up on his doorstep with an old torn photograph, his past wounds open, and he is forced to confront the deep secrets he thought he buried in an old mining town years ago. As the journalist further investigates, the story unravels revealing Mr. Johnson’s tales of war, death, dreams, and forbidden love. Through his stories, we see Warren follow his dreams and fight for his heart and country despite the odds against him. After the war, he returns home to find that time doesn’t stand still and life forces people to abandon what they believe in in order to survive. As he records Warren’s story, the journalist discovers for himself what honest sacrifice and pure love mean, leaving with much more than his assigned one-thousand-word story.

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Our Journey

One Thousand Words began, in its purest form, as a creative project by two students at Louisiana State University in 2014: Michael Braud, a biology senior, and Curran Latas, a theatre freshman. After four months of collaboration, the team performed its first stage reading in July 2014. Since that time, the show has undergone many revisions through its productions. One Thousand Words has performed in Baton Rouge, LA (Theatre Baton Rouge) and twice in Chicago (2015 Chicago Musical Theatre Festival; Theatre Faction). With dreams of expansion, the show hopes to tell the universal story of life and loss in a way to impact as many audience members as possible.

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