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Creative Team

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What's your

dream role?

"Definitely Evan Hansen.

In a heart beat."

Michael Braud - Book & Lyrics

Military by day. Writer by night. For many years, One Thousand Words has been a passion project for Michael because he knows there are many stories of heroes that never were told and never would be. He is thrilled to share with audiences the stories of those who oftentimes get overlooked or marginalized in a world where everyone is fighting for the same thing - to live out their dreams! 

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What's your all time

favorite musical?

"Is Frozen considered

a musical?"

Curran Latas - Music

Curran Latas received his Bachelor of Arts in Theatre at Louisiana State University, where he has performed, directed, and music directed with Theatre Baton Rouge, Playmakers of Baton Rouge, and Swine Palace. Several of his instrumental compositions have been featured at the LSU Outworks Play Festival. Currently he resides in Orlando, FL where he works in guest relations at Walt Disney World. 

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What was your most awkward on stage moment? 

"Definitely was dancing on stage in a loin cloth in front of my friends and family."


Shawn Semana - Creative Producer

Shawn is a filmmaker from Seattle, WA who specializes in story telling and artistic production. He graduated from UCLA's School of Theater, Film, and Television, where he concentrated in Writing and Direction. Some of his own work includes: After Ours ( a musical performed at Royce Hall in Los Angeles) and Got It Maid (a film showcased at The Boston International Asian American Film Festival and the Los Angeles Asian American Film Festival). After graduation, Shawn decided to chase his other dream to become a Naval Aviator, where he met LT Michael Braud during flight training in Florida. After reading Michael's script for the first time, Shawn found inspiration in such an amazing story, and agreed to come aboard as the Creative Producer to revamp the show for another production. 

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If you create a dream band from musicians all throughout history, who would be your members?

"Phil Colins on drums, Paganini on violin, John Coltrane in sax, Anthony Jackson on bass, me on keyboard, Timberlake with the vocal lead."

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John Van Geem - Orchestrations

John is an American Composer, Pianist, and Author. John’s unique musical abilities led him to the Chicago College of Performing Arts where he received a B.M. in Music composition. With over four published albums and hundreds of scores, his music can be found with audiences all over the world. Lateral to his accomplishments in the Arts, John graduated with a M.A.S. in Space Studies from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, and is an avid connoisseur of all things aerospace. He currently resides in Washington D.C. where he works for National Defense.

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